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Advertisements placement rates for dealers

Automotive web market autolot24 offers legal entities and private entrepreneurs without legal entity, engaged in vehicles sale on regular base (dealers, car deliverers, negotiators), placement of unlimited number of advertisements about selling new and used cars, motorcycles, motorhomes and caravans, buses, trucks and trailers, utility and agricultural vehicles.



CHARGE FOR DEALERS 120 Euro (net price) for 12 months.

• Placement of unlimited number of advertisements about vehicles sale.
• Automated placement of advertisements at more than 35 automotive websites.
• 90.000 potential buyers visit autolot24 and websites-partners every day.
• User-friendly online-interface to add and edit advertisements.
• Software for dealers autolot24-Software.

Detailed description of services for dealers

Registration at autolot24 DOESN'T MEAN that after the end of free trial period (8 weeks) you will automatically receive a bill to pay. IT IS NOT SO. One week before end of free trial period you will receive on your E-mail address an offer to sign the agreement between you and automotive web market autolot24. Only after the agreement is signed by you, you will receive a bill to pay.

Additional services:

Development of website for dealer under autolot24-CMS control from 800 EUR
Development of individual site's design (if necessary creation of dealer's logo). Optimization of its structure and filling in with your information. Installation and adaptation of the autolot24-CMS - autonomous site editing system. Placement and promotion of your website in Internet, registration at search engines. Training of your staff to work with autolot24-CMS and autolot24-Software.

Software module autolot24-Online-Autohaus 120 EUR for Year (gross price)
Place and update automatically all of your vehicles at your personal website. To do this get special software module autolot24-Online-Autohaus. Search forms and virtual car park of your vehicles for sale will be adapted to your website design and placed at your Internet server.

Direct link free
Placement at autolot24 and at websites-partners of autolot24 in the «Contact info» section of direct link to your corporative website (www.yourcompanyname.com). Thanks to this direct link, hit ratio of your corporative website at search engines will increase, and potential buyers from automotive web markets will be able to estimate the whole volume of your offers and services.

Personal homepages at websites-partners of autolot24 free
Personal Internet homepages with own URL: www.company-name.site-name.com or www.site-name.com/1/homepage, with virtual car park of your vehicles for sale, contact form with built-in machine-aided text messages translation service.
Payments deadline
After you sign agreement with autolot24, we send a bill to your E-mail address. The payment amount of this bill (gross) must be paid within two weeks starting from the moment of bill's submission, by money transfer to current account of autolot24.

This price list comes into effect on 24.03.2007.

All previous price-lists of autolot24 are not effective anymore. Get acquainted with our Agreement.